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Tongliao Xinghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Tongliao Xinghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Add: Economic& Development Area, Tongliao, China
Zip code:028000
Import& Export dept.:
Liu Baoqi
Sales manager:Li Sikang



Started to build in October, 2002 and put into production since April, 2003, Tongliao Xinghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Tongliao city (main production place of castor in China) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a registered equity capital of CNY 50 million.

Taking the advantages of several Sebacic acid companies in China, we research, deign, and build a Sebacic acid production line of our own. Over years’ hard work, we now have become the biggest manufacture in China for Sebacic acid depth processing product series. At present, we yearly produce 12,000 tons of granular Sebacic acid, 8,000 tons of dibutyl/dioctyl sebacate, 6,000 tons of Sebacic acid mono/disodium salts and 5,000 tons of refined secondary octyl alcohol. Relying on the leading technicians in the depth processing field of Castor oil, we also produce a series of Castor oil products such as Oxidizing Castor oil, Castor Oil Fatty Acid zinc salt(magnesium salt), 12-hydroxystearic acid zinc salt(manganese salt, lithium salt, ammonium salt), and so on. Now, we are one of leading companies in China for the depth processing of Castor oil, with the most complete product group, the best quality and latest technologies.

Now, our "Xinghe" branded product series include industrial Castor oil, Sebacic acid, dibutyl/dioctyl sebacate, Sebacic acid mono/disodium salts, refined Castor oil, Castor Oil Fatty Acid zinc salt( magnesium salt), 12-hydroxystearic acid zinc salt( magnesium salt, manganese salt, lithium salt, ammonium salt); By-products are Castor pulp, secondary octyl alcohol, refined secondary octyl alcohol, Refined glycerin and refined/coarse fatty acid. We made the enterprise standards of our main products (Sebacic acid, dibutyl/dioctyl sebacate, and Sebacic acid mono/disodium salts) according to standards of "ICOA" and "ASTM" . Our products have been highly appraised by customers all around the world since it was put into market. Enjoying excellent reputation, our products now are well sold in over provinces and cities of China, USA, EU, and Japan, etc. We now are the key enterprise in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Tongliao city for Castor industry, and the "hi-tech enterprise" of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; we have the import and export license. Moreover, "Xinghe" brand as our registered trademark is the "famous brand" of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Equipped with the leading apparatus and precise inspection facilities, Xinghe strives to offer quality products to clients. Xinghe is looking forward to cooperating with business partners all over the world for mutual development!

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